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Gluten Free Grains – Your Tummy will Love it

Gluten Free Grains - Your Tummy will Love

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye, oats and barley. Thus, everything else is gluten-free. The myth that following a gluten-free diet is very hard isn’t the reality. There is no shortage of grains which can provide healthy alternatives for a diet free in gluten, the problem lies in the cross contamination. Most people who suffer from Celiac disease can become uncomfortable even when a small amount of gluten is eaten. This may happen despite them buying and eating ‘gluten-free’ foods because most places of production do not exercise the highest standards of hygiene and the chances of cross-contamination remain high. This at first seems overwhelming since wheat is everywhere in our culture, but a little research will show there are many great alternatives. 1. Rice is the seed of grass species Oryza Sativa (Asian Rice). It is the…
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